Welder Creates His Wife a Replica of the “Game of Thrones” Throne For Their Wedding

game of thrones throne
HBO / Michael Hayes / Facebook
A welder creates his wife a replica of the 'Game of Thrones' Iron Throne as a wedding gift.

Michael Hayes is a newly married, 32-year-old war veteran from Louisville, KY.

Jess Amburgey Photography / Michael Hayes / Facebook

When Michael met his now-wife Kacie, one thing the couple quickly bonded over was their mutual love of the show Game of Thrones.

Michael Hayes / Kacie Stoll / Facebook

The two regular cosplayed as everyone’s favorite on-screen couple, Jon Snow and Danaerys Targaryen, at regional renaissance festivals while dating.

Michael Hayes / Kacie Stoll / Facebook
Michael Hayes / Kacie Stolle / Facebook

When it was time to get married, Mike decided to pay homage to the show by using his welding skills to make Kacie’s wedding gift.

Michael, who is a student in welding school, worked with his instructors for over 100 hours in two months time, to make a life-sized replica of the coveted Iron Throne.

Michael Hayes / Facebook

The throne was made with over 400 individual aluminum swords. Each sword cut by Michael and his instructors.

Michael Hayes / Facebook
Michael Hayes / Facebook

After months of hard work, Michael and his instructors finished the Iron Throne replica. It was featured prominently at the couple’s wedding– and Daenerys.. I mean Kacie, looked absolutely stunning while seated in it.

Michael Hayes / Kacie Stoll / Facebook
Michael Hayes / Kacie Stoll / Facebook

Lucky for us GOT fans, Michael has decided to let everyone have a chance to sit on the Iron Throne.

Instagram: @kaciekhaleesi / @ashuhbash

That’s right, you can rent the throne for your own special event. Just send Michael an email: mqhayes1@yahoo.com

Please excuse my back, I’ve got a freaking Iron Throne to book.


h/t Instagram / Michael Hayes / @heymite

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