Kids With Terminal Illnesses Describe What Really Matters In Life

what matters in life 3

Dr. Alastair McAlpine, a palliative pediatrician from Cape Town, South Africa, shared the results of a research assignment where he asked kids with terminal illnesses what gave their lives the most meaning. The kids’ responses were heart-wrenching.

As you might assume, there was a common theme among the children’s answers – time spent with the people and pets they love.

The kids also shared in their love for ice cream.

Another thing that Dr. McAlpine noted about the children’s responses, was how the children seemed to appreciate the simple things they did with their loved ones.

Many of the children spoke about how they liked being told stories and reading.

Many children appreciated the people who just treated them ‘normally.’

The children also spoke of their love for the beach, swimming, and making ‘big sandcastles.’

One of the most meaningful parts of life according to the children was exactly how amazing it felt to just be loved.

They all valued kindness.

…and people who made them laugh.

Yes, some kids talked about their love for their favorite toys….

But nothing seemed to be more important to the children than spending time with family.

Dr. McAlpine ended the thread with a very important message: