White People Are Asking Black People The Questions This Time, And It Got Hilarious

white people ask black people questions

Last week a post on Facebook prompting black people to ask white people questions, went super viral.

Black People Ask White People Questions

The responses to the viral post were great (for the most part) and people really learned a lot about each other.

Friday, the Alabama Department of Memes Facebook page, wanted to provide a platform for white people to ask black people questions.

Alabama Department of Memes

The post generated thousands of hilarious and educational questions and answers. Here are the best questions and responses that we came across.

This question about rims.

This question about aging.

This question about running.

Becky had an important question.

And this question from John took out the whole crowd.

There were questions about black families.

Healthy debates on the differences in parenting.

Questions on the disparities in church service times between black and white churches.

A few people used the thread to push back on rumors about white people. Like the ever lingering “raisin in the potato salad” one.

Others used this as an opportunity to learn about signature soul food dishes like collard greens.

(Sidenote: Greens recipes most definitely vary by region btw.)

There were questions about Spades playing.

And questions about medicine.

Overall, things seemed to go pretty pleasantly on the thread. Of course there were some trolls and a sprinkle of racism throughout the thread, but for the most part, people were having a great time getting to know each other.

I mean, invites to the cookout we’re even sent out.

If you’d like to check out the thread for yourself click here.

h/t Facebook