Will Smith’s Genie Look For The New ‘Aladdin’ Remake Is Giving People Anxiety

People are talking about Will Smith's Genie look in the 'Aladdin' remake.

Disney first released the Aladdin teaser trailer in October and many hardcore fans of the cult classic had issues with Aladdin actually wearing a shirt.


The whole “Aladdin wearing a shirt” outrage now seems to be a thing of the past because people are upset with Will Smith’s potential Genie look.

That’s because today Entertainment Weekly dropped its latest issue featuring the cast of Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Aladdin’ on the cover.

So far, people seem to be less concerned about Aladdin wearing multiple layers of shirts and more concerned about Will Smith’s look as the adored Genie.

Will’s Genie hair is making some fans feel a bit anxious.

I’m just gonna say it, it’s a mess.

Ok.. actually… lots of people are saying it.


All may not be lost. Will Smith has already started to respond to criticisms of his Aladdin look on Instagram.

Which.. totally makes sense. I mean, why wouldn’t you market the face of one of the world’s best-known actors for a Disney movie?

Whew, huge sigh of relief there. Let’s just hope they do something about whatever it is that’s on top of his head as well.

The internet wouldn’t be the internet without giving the meme/joke treatment to the fresh ‘Aladdin’ controversy.


Also, this is sort of off topic but have you seen Jafar?Because…

Exactly sis.

Don’t forget Aladdin debuts in theatres on May 24, 2019.