Woman Shares Guys Reckless Comment About Periods and Tampons, Twitter Went Crazy

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Anna Schlosser / Shutterstock

You know the saying, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’? Well, we need to implement a new golden rule:

If you don’t have anything SMART to say, shut your mouth before you embarrass yourself.


Twitter user, Alex Hutton shared a screenshot of a very idiotic Facebook comment from a guy offering his worthless 2 cents on women’s periods and tampon usage– because someone obviously made him an expert on the matter.


He considers the average blood loss per period, average number of tampons used per period, number of periods annually and comes up with the number of tampons us women should be using every year. Making reference to the cost of (2)-64 packs of tampons from Amazon, the moron then makes his case as to how much women should be spending on tampons annually. What a d-bag. In closing, he tells his lady counterparts to “stop whining” and cut back on the Starbucks runs, citing that tampon purchases aren’t “first world problems.”


The ladies of Twitter were not here for it. The now-viral thread has rallied quite the estrogenic response.

But it seems like all men are just equally ill-informed about women’s periods…

Somebody get this clown a Women’s Menstruation for Dummies book. ASAP. He’s an idiot. Period. (pun intended)

h/t Twitter