Woman’s Garlic Peeling Hack Goes Viral And Even Chrissy Teigen Thinks It’s Absolutely Genius


Everyone knows that the best ingredient in any meal is simple: garlic. No matter what you’re making—the more garlic you use, the better you food will taste. The only problem when cooking with garlic is that peeling actual cloves can be annoying and time consuming—not to mention how bad your hands smell afterwards.

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But, now thanks to one brilliant Twitter user, there’s a much easier way to peel garlic that’s going viral and it will completely change the way you cook for good.

Valentina says that she cooks with garlic frequently, as she cooks a lot of Korean food—which is known to use heavy amounts of garlic.


The trick is simple: you just use a smaller knife and prop it into a garlic bulb. Then, you twist the knife and pull the bulb out of the casing.


The hack leaves your hands smelling fresh and saves you time peeling away—especially if you need a lot of garlic for a recipe.


The video shows how simple and easy it is to do.

Clearly, people online had their mind blown by this sorcery. Even professional chefs were like…”WHAT?!?”

Like, Chrissy Teigen.

Everyone else was grateful for the new discovery.