Women Are Sharing Pics Of Their Identical Wrist Freckles, And I Need Answers.

identical wrist freckles
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Women discover that they all pretty much have the same freckle on their wrist after a viral Twitter thread asks if having one is a myth.

Growing up, I was taught that there was no one else on earth like me. This all changed when I encountered a viral Twitter thread asking if the whole “freckle on the middle of wrist” thing is a myth.

First of all, I never knew having a freckle on the middle of my wrist was actually a thing. Until I checked and found I had one on both wrists.

But I wasn’t the only lady who was spooked by this utterly random observation, as the women of Twitter added pics of their own freckles to the viral thread.

Many women posted a picture of their wrist freckles in utter disbelief.

Even those with abundant freckles on their skin realized they had a noticeably distinct dark freckle on their wrists.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a part of the sisterhood.

But for the thousands of us who are, I guess that we’re apart of something special here.

Bodies are so strange.

h/t Twitter