Youtuber Brooke Houts Potentially Incriminates Herself By Uploading Footage Abusing Her Dog

youtuber brooke houts
Screengrab: Youtube / Brooke Houts
Brooke Houts seems to upload a video to Youtube showing her abusing her Doberman on accident.

They say that what happens in the dark eventually comes to light. And today this may ring true for Youtuber Brooke Houts, who was attempting to upload footage of a dog “prank” that became considerably ugly.

It appears that the clip uploaded by Brooke was an unedited clip uploaded by mistake… because footage from the clip seems to show the Youtuber beating, shoving, and even spitting on her Doberman. Houts has since denied spitting on her dog in a lengthy apology via Twitter.

People are posting the disturbing footage of Brooke and her dog, calling for the Youtuber’s channel to be removed from the platform.

Houts posted a lengthy note on Twitter in response to the backlash that she’s receiving for the footage.


Not too many people are here for the apology from the Youtuber, and the #BrookeHoutsIsOverParty is in full effect.

According to The Verge, the Los Angeles Police Department has been made aware of the video and subsequently launched an investigation into Brooke Houts because of it.

“Our Animal Cruelty Task Force has received numerous complaints about the video you’re speaking of and we are currently looking into the matter.”

LAPD via The Verge

The video from Brooke has been removed from her Youtube channel since its posting. It isn’t yet clear if Youtube is going to take any action against the creator’s channel.