men stop sexist behavior

20 Times Men Stepped Up To Help Stop Sexist Behavior

We’re in a new era. Instead of letting the misogynistic behaviors of men happen to us, we’re taking names and


20 Wholesome Tweets From The Thoughts Of Dog Account

A collection of wholesome and funny tweets from the Thoughts of Dog account on Twitter. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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  • December 28, 2018
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jaden smith flint

20-year-old Jaden Smith’s Foundation Helps Bring Clean Water To Flint, With Local Church’s Help

Flint, MI – Jaden Smith and his JUST goods foundation along with help from the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church,

game of thrones meme cover

20+ Absolutely Accurate Game Of Thrones Memes

1. Poor thing. 2. Game of friend-zones. 3. I knew it! 4. The pettiest revenge. 5. An accurate representation of

adulting tweets cover

20+ Adulting Tweets That Are Scary Accurate

Being an adult is hard af. Yes, we constantly heard the “enjoy it while you’re young” and the “these are

customer service memes

20+ Customer Service Memes That You’ll Feel In Your Soul

A prestigious collection of customer service memes.